Monday, November 13, 2017

Review: She's Got the Wrong Guy by Deepak Reju

I'm so glad and thankful that God gave me the right guy. I am blessed with an awesome husband, a man after God's own heart. We've been blissfully married for over 26 years. I chose to review this book because I am concerned about my 24 year old daughter who is single and wants to find the right guy to date and marry. She is smart and wise but her dating choices have not always reflected that. This book is just what I want her to read :). She's Got the Wrong Guy is divided into 3 parts: 1. From Problems to Faith, 2. Am I Dating the Wrong Guy?, and 3. The Quest for a Godly Man. Each chapter starts with relevant quotes and Scriptures. The author pulls no punches when he discusses about the ten wrong types of guys single women should avoid. The ten types are: the Control Freak, the Promiscuous Guy, the Unchurched Guy, the New Convert, the Unbeliever, the Angry Man, the Lone Ranger, the Commitment-Phobic Man, the Passive Man, the Unteachable Guy. As a pastor and counselor, Deepak Reju has heard and seen all sorts of dating and marriage problems. He shares from his experience why smart women settle, how to recognize the wrong kinds of guys (how to spot red flags), how to break up for the glory of God, what to do while you wait for the right guy, what to look for in an authentic Christian man, and how to trust God and rely on His grace for your relationship. Remember that being miserably married is worse than being miserably single. Marriage will not solve all your problems. Jesus is your only solution. Reju's story examples are relatable to single women and dating scenes in today's society. He backs up his discussion with Biblical reasons and wisdom. The practical advice and prudent insights in this book are truly valuable and must be heeded. The book is written with compassion and understanding. Choosing whom to marry is the second most important decision you'll every make (only second to your decision to trust in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior). Choose wisely! I highly recommend this God-honoring, Christ-centered book to all single Christian women! My hope and prayer is that they (including my daughter) will neither settle nor compromise but will patiently wait for God's best for them.

"Treasure Christ. Hope in him. Don't build your heart around temporary treasures, like marriage to a godly husband, raising children, or the dream of a future together. Let your heart be captivated with Christ. Make Christ your greatest of all treasures." (p. 24)

"The most important ingredient of a happy life is not finding a husband, but in giving your life to Christ. Make Jesus your greatest treasure...Pour yourself into loving Christ and let your love for him overflow in loving and serving the people around you. The best way to prepare for your future is to focus on becoming a woman whose greatest desire is Christ." (p. 30)

"Life does not go well when you make earthly things your hope and treasure. When you look for your ultimate happiness in a husband, children, a beautiful home, or a wonderful life now, you'll be disappointed, anxious, confused, or even hurt, because none of these things are meant to carry the weight of your ultimate hopes. Putting your hope in earthly treasures shows that you are not letting your heart rest in satisfaction with the Lord. An already hard life is made harder when your desire for happiness takes center stage in your life." (p. 142)

"A bad marriage is not better than struggling through singleness. For many women I know, the problem isn't so much convincing them that it's better to choose the right guy than the wrong guy. Often there doesn't seem to be a 'right guy' around. The problem is convincing them that it's better to be single than spend their life with the wrong guy. So that sends us racing back to a few pivotal questions--Is Christ enough for you? Can he be all that you need? Can you build your entire life around him?" (p. 150)

"The goal of a Christian single woman is not to find a husband, but a Savior. The ultimate destination for Christian single women is not marriage, but heaven. Build your life around preparing for heaven by growing in your godliness and love for the Savior. You will never be disappointed." (p. 162)

~I received a free copy of this book from Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. To read other reviews, visit here.

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