Sunday, October 8, 2006

Double-the-Fun Birthday Party

Oh boy…oh boy…what a fun-filled day we had!  Today we had a birthday party for our boys (one will turn 8 on the 10th and the other will turn 5 on the 11th).  There were 6 kids, 2 teenagers, and 6 adults altogether.  We played "Dinosaur Hunt," "Candy Toss," "Drop a Marker Cap (instead of a clothespin) in a Vase," "Pin (Stick) a Nose (smiley sticker) on the Clown," "Hot Present," and "Coin Search in a Sand Box."  The kids (and yes, my darling husband, too) had a blast playing the games.  In addition,  my forever-young & active husband  played basketball with the kids.  They had a ball!  After the party, some of us played football, bouncy balls, and then badminton until dark.  

Parties wouldn’t be complete without yummy treats, right?  Well, we got chocolate cheesecake, white chocolate raspberry ice cream pie, brownie mudpie ice cream, crackers, chips, and gummy worms.  Everybody’s tummy was happy :) .  We’re blessed with a beautiful weather today (quite rare in October in Oregon).  Usually, we have to have the boys’ party inside because it’s too cold/too wet outside .  But this year it’s different; we did most of our activities in our backyard.  It was great!

However, we did our "present time" inside.  Our soon-to-be 8 yo son received a cool wristwatch, a stack of coin collection books with several half-dollar coins, lots of great books, a basketball (to be shared with his brother), a rocket football, money, a frog that sings & dances, a video ("God’s Earth Team" by Moody Institute), special marbles, and a copy of a drawing from a friend.  Our soon-to-be 5 yo son received a baseball badminton set, a huge green hairy ball, lots of great books, Gobblet game, Blink game, Total It game, Buzztime Kids Trivia game, a rocket football, a basketball (same one to share with his brother), money, a turtle that sings & dances, and special marbles.  Both boys remembered to say thank-yous to everyone.  They truly appreciated all the guests and all the gifts.  They showed good sportmanship and they cheered others to do well during games.  They don’t mind sharing a birthday party every year, either.  We’re so proud of them!  Our sons are wonderful blessings from the Lord; they’re unique and special in their own ways.  Two boys do double the fun (and keep us on our toes…and knees, too)! Never a dull moment…for sure.

"All your sons will be taught by the Lord, and great will be your children’s peace."  Isaiah 54:13

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