Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What Makes You Happy?

Pat at Pat’s Place is hosting a "Bluebird of Happiness" contest.  The deadline is Feb. 29th.  What makes you happy?

What makes me happy is seeing my kids doing their best to please God (eg. serving one another, giving money to the poor and the native missionaries in the unreached areas, loving God’s Word, memorizing God’s Word, and applying God’s Word, etc.)

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3John 4

Monday, February 11, 2008

Quirky Things about Me

I like #7 so I’m going to list Seven Quirky Things about Me (actually, my favorite number is 12 but I don’t want to overdo it because you may never come back here again after seeing how strange unique I am).  Here they are:

1. I am allergic to hazelnuts.  My allergic reaction includes rash and swelling.  Once my swelling got so bad that my husband had to saw (using a little saw) a gold ring off my finger.  Thankfully, he left my finger intact…mission accomplished :) .

2. I have never been afraid to go to the dentist.  I even enjoy going to the dentist :) .  I like sitting in a comfy, reclining chair doing nothing except opening my mouth wide.  I spend that time to pray and relax.

3. I love spicy food and I can have spicy food at any meal, including breakfast.  Rice with curry is better than a bowl of cereal for sure :) !

4. I rub (play with) my nose when I’m in deep thought.  I don’t know why but maybe my nose knows :) .

5. I have never had a driver’s license.  I just keep renewing my instruction permit.  My children probably will get their driver’s license before me.  Oh well, I’ll just gain more chauffeurs :) .

6. I don’t like bananas.  I have never liked them and never will :) .  When I was little, my mom hid bananas with other food to get me to eat them but I always knew :)

7. I smile and laugh A LOT!  (to the point of "too much" )  Seriously, this is no laughing matter!  I have to consciously force myself to leave giggles out of my speech and to have a straight/stern face.  Extremely difficult task for me!