Monday, February 11, 2008

Quirky Things about Me

I like #7 so I’m going to list Seven Quirky Things about Me (actually, my favorite number is 12 but I don’t want to overdo it because you may never come back here again after seeing how strange unique I am).  Here they are:

1. I am allergic to hazelnuts.  My allergic reaction includes rash and swelling.  Once my swelling got so bad that my husband had to saw (using a little saw) a gold ring off my finger.  Thankfully, he left my finger intact…mission accomplished :) .

2. I have never been afraid to go to the dentist.  I even enjoy going to the dentist :) .  I like sitting in a comfy, reclining chair doing nothing except opening my mouth wide.  I spend that time to pray and relax.

3. I love spicy food and I can have spicy food at any meal, including breakfast.  Rice with curry is better than a bowl of cereal for sure :) !

4. I rub (play with) my nose when I’m in deep thought.  I don’t know why but maybe my nose knows :) .

5. I have never had a driver’s license.  I just keep renewing my instruction permit.  My children probably will get their driver’s license before me.  Oh well, I’ll just gain more chauffeurs :) .

6. I don’t like bananas.  I have never liked them and never will :) .  When I was little, my mom hid bananas with other food to get me to eat them but I always knew :)

7. I smile and laugh A LOT!  (to the point of "too much" )  Seriously, this is no laughing matter!  I have to consciously force myself to leave giggles out of my speech and to have a straight/stern face.  Extremely difficult task for me!

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