Sunday, April 15, 2007

Meet Mike

A few weeks ago, we took the kids to Wunderland (that’s how it’s spelled), an arcade.  We had lots of fun playing different games and winning tickets at the same time.  My husband is an expert at Drill-O-Matic (one of the games there).  We traded our tickets in for an infrared robot.  This robot came with a remote control (but unfortunately…not batteries).  According to the box and the stickers on him, he has 8 names: Space Wiser, IQ Doctor, Space Station Pathfinder, Cosmos Warrior, Space Power, Space Vanguard, Power Space Robot, and Warrior (I guess they couldn’t make up their minds which name was most suitable).  However, when we turned him on, he introduced himself as "Mike" (go figure!) so we call him "Mike."
Mike can turn his head, walk & slide forwards and backwards with sound, turn left & right, and he can do 2 dances to 2 different tunes: P-Dance and R-Dance.  Moreover, Mike can fire/shoot frisbee discs.  Really cool!  BUT…this guy eats up batteries almost faster than you can finish reading this post :) .  Guess what happened to Mike when the batteries became weak and exhausted…  He lost his voice, he quit talking and making music when dancing, and he spat the frisbee discs, instead of firing/shooting them.  Yep, he just spat them out without any enthusiasm…showing complete lack of energy.  That was so hilarious; I wish you could see the poor guy :) .  We decided to give him plenty of rest because if the kids play with him too much, we will be the poor guys (literally…because of batteries’ cost).

Speaking of robots, Michelle is having a Roboblast contest on the Company Porch.  The prize is a "RIC: Robots in the Classroom" Robotics Unit Study from Treasure Box Press.  The deadline is this Tuesday, April 17th.  Below are my kids’ entries (regarding the type of robot they would invent to help with chores around the house):

My 5 yo son:
I named my robot "Gray."  Gray would go get mail for me and would read me stories.  He would wake me up in the morning.  He would play cards with us.  He can fold towels.  He can do anything I want him to do.

My 8 yo son:
My robot’s name is "Spikey."  He can clean the whole house and do every chore.  He has a security camera and a laser detector that detects if a person entering the house is a good guy or a bad guy.  If the person is a bad guy, Spikey would electrocute him for 1 hour and call 911.

My 13 yo daughter:
If I could invent any robot, it would be a girl robot dog.  Her name would be "Helper."  She would do laundry, wash dishes, clean bathrooms, vacuum, pick up toys, cook, mop, and dust.  She would sing beautifully and could play any games.  She would be very intelligent and could fly.

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