Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Filled with Feast and Fun

For the past several years, every Father’s Day…we have gone up to Washington to visit my husband’s dad and his wife.  Yesterday, we continued our tradition: our annual Father’s Day cookout at their place.  My husband’s sister and his niece & nephew (his brother’s kids) were there, too.  We had a big feast and had a great time playing badminton and volleyball. 

We also enjoyed playing a board game called "Clever Endeavor."  You try to guess from clues what the answer might be.  Sometimes we were clueless even after many clues were given :) !

We ended our Father’s Day by taking our kids to play miniature golf at Bullwinkles before heading home.  It’s always lots of fun to spend time with our fabulous father/daddy (my dear husband).

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