Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy "Half-a-Billion Second" Anniversary!

When my beloved husband got home today, he had a surprise for me!  He gave me a hand-made card that says "Happy 500,000,000 Second Anniversary!!!!!" on the front and has a beautiful & meaningful poem (that he wrote) inside.  Wow…it has been (now…more than) half a billion seconds since that afternoon on our wedding day.  Last year in June, he also surprised me with another unique anniversary. He is so sweet, loving, and thoughtful.  Once he told me that he always wanted to treat me like a queen.  Indeed, he has been doing just that.  I am probably a spoiled queen :) .  I am extremely blessed to be his wife/best friend! 

Not a second too soon
Not a moment too late
The Lord brought us together
By His love and His grace

(This is the first 4 lines of his poem (I won’t post the rest because it’s something special just between him and me ).

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