Tuesday, September 18, 2007

International Students, Games, Museum, and Corn

Our heart is for missions & evangelism, and we seek opportunities to accomplish the Great Commission.  We believe in "going", "sending", "praying", and "sharing the Gospel whereever we are."  While we are not able to "go" to the unreached areas yet, we pray and we support native missionaries in those areas through organizations like Gospel for Asia and evangelical outreaches like Jesus Film project.  We live near a university and we had always hoped to find an opportunity to share Christ’s love with international students there.  We’ve longed for this great opportunity to present the Gospel to many who may have never heard it and who can go back to their countries and be witnesses for the Lord.  That opportunity finally arrived!  Through Mission Connexion NW…we discovered and joined ISI (International Students, Inc., a Christian organization that focuses on friendship evangelism reaching out to international students).  Last Friday night, three international students (a Taiwanese, a Korean, and a Vietnamese from Japan; all girls) came with an ISI staff to our home for a game night.  We played badminton, volleyball, basketball, and foosball in our backyard.  When it got dark, we came inside and played Whoonu and Cradium Cadoo.  We all had a blast!  We’re so glad that the international students felt at home enjoying themselves and enjoying American snacks (chips, vanilla wafers, chicken biscuits, plums, and chocolate).  We hope and pray that as our friendship develops, we will have a chance to lead them to Christ or at least plant seeds. 

Last Sunday we went to the annual Corn Roast Festival at Pacific University.  First, we visited the Old College Hall (museum) on campus.  The building has been moved several times but it is still standing strong.  It’s very interesting to see a part of our local history.  Then we enjoyed the delicious corn on the cobs (all you can eat for $3).  We walked around visiting different booths.  The kids enjoyed playing games (basketball, ring toss around corn cobs, and pick-a-duckie).  I spun a wheel at our local newspaper booth and won a $20 gift certificate for McCormick’s restaurant.  Before we left, we bought 16 ears of corn (for only $2) and buffalo jerky (made in Idaho).

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