Sunday, March 23, 2008

Around the World

On Wed. , March 12th, at our co-op, we had an Around the World Geography Fair.  My 9 year old son did Switzerland and my 6 year old son did Japan.  Other countries that were presented include Vietnam, North Korea, France, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.  It was a fun learning experience for all.
We learned that Swiss cheese (called "Emmentaler" in Switzerland) is left to ferment for over 4 months.  It makes carbon dioxide that forms into bubbles (holes).  In Oregon, there’s a mountain called "Matterhorn" which we believed was named after the Matterhorn in Switzerland (famous for the many climbers who have died trying to climb it).  Did you know that Lindt and Toblerone chocolate are from Switzerland?My 6 year old son enjoyed origami and he also wrote a haiku about Mt. Fuji.

Snowy Mt. Fuji
Pretty dormant volcano
Japan’s tallest peak

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