Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Murdering Rampage

Murdering Rampage: A Homeschooler Refuses to Stand by and Do Nothing

     According to statistics, abortion (the killing of innocent, defenseless babies) mercilessly takes away the lives of 1.5 million babies each year; 4,000 babies every day; 1 baby every 20 seconds; approximately 40 million babies since 1973; and that’s just here in America.  While this murdering rampage is going on, many people are rallying for it to continue because they want to exercise their right to choose what is convenient to them and to get rid of an unwanted "obstacle" in their lives.  Some people do not agree but yet do nothing to help stop this rampage.

     However, other people including many homeschoolers refuse to just stand by and do nothing.  Alyssa, a 14 year old homeschooler in Oregon, is one such example.  She has a strong conviction and passion for saving the innocent and defending the defenseless.  Since she was 5 years old, she has been participating in Steps for Life, a two-mile walkathon which is an annual fund-raising event for Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC).  The Pregnancy Resource Centers of Greater Portland is a Christian organization that helps women and teens who face unplanned pregnancy. They help meet their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs, enabling them to CHOOSE LIFE. They have six centers throughout the Portland area, and have ministered to over 110,000 women and teens since 1984.  They provide free services such as counseling, ultrasound, adoption info., maternity & baby clothes, parenting classes, spiritual encouragement, etc.

     On May 10th, many pro-life supporters are expected to take part in Steps for Life at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Oregon.  Alyssa urges us all to support this great cause, either by being a Steps for Life walker, making pledges/sponsoring a walker, or praying.  She has a website that you can visit if you would like to make pledges and be a part of this attempt to save as many babies’ lives as possible.

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