Monday, August 4, 2008

What We Did in 2007-2008

All three kids
- Bible study/Prayer Time: Bible, Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ, Remembering God’s Awesome Acts, and Bible Atlas
- Classical music and composers: Christian Kids Experience Composers (online study) by Maggie Hogan and Melissa Craig, Lives of the Musicians by Kathleen Krull, tons of CDs
- Read-alouds: Luther: Biography of a Reformer, Saint Patrick (Christian Liberty Press), Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends, etc.

My daughter (14): Grade 9
- Math: BJU Consumer math
- Science:  Apologia Physical Science
- Health: ABeka Health in Christian Perspective
- Literature: ABeka Themes in Literature, Exploring Christian Literature (Christian Liberty Press)
- Geography: ABeka World Geography in Christian Perspective
- Government/Civics: The Land of Fair Play (Christian Liberty Press), Generation Joshua (co-op)
- Speech: Defending the Faith (online) by JoJo Tabares
- Drama: co-op
- P.E. (basketball, badminton, volleyball, soccer): co-op
- Writing: Wordsmith (co-op)
- Art: drawing using various books
- Music: piano
- Language: Thai

My 9 yo son: Grade 5
- Math: Singapore Math 5A & 5B
- Science: ABeka Investigating God’s World,
- Health: ABeka Enjoying Good Health
- History and Geography: ABeka Old World History and Geography, 50 States (co-op)
- Language Arts: ABeka Language B, LLATL-The Purple Book
- Spelling: ABeka Spelling, Vocabulary, Poetry 5
- Reading: ABeka readers and various books including Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Trumpet of the Swan, Noah Webster
- Reading Comprehension: ABeka Read & Think 5, ABeka Adventures in Nature (Speed and Comprehension Reader)
- Cursive Handwriting: ABeka Penmanship Mastery II
- P.E. (basketball, badminton, volleyball, soccer): co-op
- Music: piano
- Typing: Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing CDrom

My 6 yo son: Grade 1
- Math: ABeka Arithmetic 1, Singapore Math 1B
- Phonics: Letters and Sounds 1
- Reading: ABeka readers and various books
- Vocabulary: Explode the Code
- Penmanship: Words of Jesus (A Reason for Writing)
- Science: ABeka Discovering God’s World, BJU Science1
- Health: ABeka Health, Safety, Manners 1
- History: ABeka My America and My World, BJU Heritage Studies1
- Art: drawing using various books, Young Rembrandts drawing class
- Music: piano
- P.E.: soccer, basketball, running

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