Monday, November 3, 2008

My Kind of Party

I take my job as a daughter and servant of the King of kings seriously.  I desire to honor and please God in whatever I do and say…voting included.  I have to admit that I don’t like politics.  Most politicians are insincere and only say what they think will persuade people to vote for them.  They put down their opponents mercilessly.  Very, very few truly care about people and even fewer really care what God thinks/wants/says. 

I am pleased to see that the "Constitution Party" shares my desire in honoring God and obeying His Word.  They "believe in Divine Providence and recognize our Creator as the author of human life;" therefore, they "believe in the absolute sanctity of human life."  I agree with what they say about liberty: "Far from granting license to ‘do whatever we want,’ true liberty comes from God and real freedom is born of self-government."  They also value the importance of family: "Our Creator set in place the family as the first divinely instituted form of government.  It is the duty of civil government to recognize and protect the authority of the family unit.  When the state usurps the family’s authority, the hearts of the children are turned to the state, rather than to the fathers.  Such socialist actions deny the created order and harm our communities."  The Constitution Party is pro-life, pro-family, pro-homeschooling, and most importantly, pro-God’s principles.  It’s my kind of party :) .

If you would like more information about the Constitution Party, please visit or (esp. if you live in Oregon).  All quotes above were taken from the voters’ pamphlet.

Please pray before you vote.  Please ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.  Then, "do what’s right, come what may!"  It may take 4 years or 8 years or more before America gets on the right track (walks in God’s ways).  It has to start somewhere.  Let’s educate our children now so that they will grow up to be voters and/or perhaps candidates of conscience…of values…of God’s standards & principles…ones who put "honoring God" above "winning the election" or "choosing the lesser of two evils…which is still evil" or "going with the crowd."  My goal in writing this post is not to cause any division among Christians but rather to call for unity among Christ’s followers.  I hope and pray for all fellow Christians to seek after God’s Will and to rest in God’s grace and mercy.  Please don’t be driven by fear or worry.  God is in control and Romans 8:28 still stands!

"So I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man."  Acts 24:16
"If we are correct and right in our Christian life at every point, but refuse to stand for the truth at a particular point where the battle rages–then we are traitors to Christ."  ~Martin Luther
"A country cannot subsist well without liberty, nor liberty without virtue."  ~Daniel Webster

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