Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Passport to the World

I'd like to invite you to join me and other homeschool families in the Christian Home School Hub's Passport to the World journey! For 26 weeks, we will be traveling to 26 destinations around the world by following Craig Froman's newly published book, Passport to the World, which is an A to Z guided language tour. Each week of this fun and educational journey, one traveler will win a copy of Passport to the WorldEach week, a 'ticket' will be displayed on the Christian Home School Hub's site showing the week's destination. We are to find and share as many educational websites, activities, crafts, recipes, worksheets, etc. as we can about each destination.

We will be traveling to the following destinations and beside each (in parentheses) are the languages highlighted in Passport to the World.
1. Armenia (Armenian)
2. Bangladesh (Bengali)
3. United States (Cherokee)
4. Netherlands (Dutch)
5. Australia (English)
6. France (French)
7. Germany (German)
8. Israel (Hebrew)
9. Iceland (Icelandic)
10. Japan (Japanese)
11. South Korea (Korean)
12. Lithuania (Lithuanian)
13. China (Mandarin)
14. Norway (Norwegian)
15. India (Oriya)
16. Afghanistan (Pashto)
17. Bolivia (Quechua)
18. Russia (Russian)
19. Mexico (Spanish)
20. Turkey (Turkish)
21. Ukraine (Ukrainian)
22. Vietnam (Vietnamese)
23. United Kingdom (Welsh)
24. South Africa (Xhosa)
25. Nigeria (Yoruba)
26. Swaziland (Zulu)

I love studying geography, people groups, languages, and cultures so I'm really excited about learning along with my kids through this journey. To download your free Passport to the World Activity Pages and to learn more about the journey's details, visit                

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