Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Mysterious Case of the Missing (not really) Bookmark

We went to our local library today to return some books and pick up the books that were being held for us.  While we were checking out those books, a librarian handed me a brown envelope addressed to the library from Department of Environmental Quality.  I was dumbfounded :) ; why was she giving it to me?  I carefully opened the envelope and took out a flat item.  To my astounding surprise, it was a bookmark that my daughter made when she was 4 1/2 years old!!  She won the first prize at a bookmark design contest at the local library.  At that time, the library produced many of her bookmarks to give out to patrons.  We took several and laminated them.  The one in the envelope was one of those we laminated because it had her name and age written on the back (my handwriting).  I think we gave some to friends and relatives.  Oh…I forgot to mention that there’s a sticky note attached to the bookmark saying, "Found in a Spanish book 10/29/07.  Thought you might like it." signed with initials.  Who found this and who left it in that Spanish book?  How and where did that person get the bookmark?  Why did the finder send it to this library with that sticky note?  Doesn’t this make an interesting, suspenseful case?  Any volunteer detectives?

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