Friday, December 30, 2011

Top Ten Highlights from 2011

2011 was a memorable year for us. We're thankful for all of God's blessings. What a mighty & awesome God we serve!

1. In Jan., we went cross country skiing at Timberline Lodge (admiring Mt. Hood) and Glacier View Snow Park. And in Feb., we went sledding at Bald Peak State Park.

2. In May, our daughter, Alyssa, got inducted into the Steps for Life Hall of Fame since she had raised over $10,000 for the Pregnancy Resource Centers.

3. From July 7th to 10th, we took an all-expense-paid trip to Colorado. I won the Celebrate Life Contest hosted by Focus on the Family the previous year. I posted about our experience here.

4. On July 23rd, Alyssa celebrated her double milestones. She turned 18 and had her high school graduation party. We're so proud of our first homeschool graduate! Eric (my husband/her Daddy) wrote a song for Alyssa, played the piano, and sang to her at the graduation ceremony. Alyssa shared about our Colorado trip and her graduation party on her blog.

5. In Aug., Alyssa left to serve with OM (Operation Mobilization) on the Logos Hope in Malaysia. You can read about the highlights from her mission trip on her blog at and watch her slideshow at

6. In Sept., Eric and I celebrated our 20th anniversary on the 7th and we took the boys to Crater Lake for 4 days. We enjoyed fishing, boating, hiking, and playing pool.

7. In Oct., I was blessed with 2 free tickets to attend a Women of Faith event (“Over the Top”) in Portland. My mother-in-law and I had a wonderful time.

8. In Nov., I had the opportunity to attend the 3-day Answers in Genesis conference presented by Dr. Jason Lisle, Astrophysicist and Astronomer.

9. On Fridays, we host a weekly Bible study in our home for the international students who attend our local university. We also hosted a student from China, Tiffany, in our home from July 14th to 31st.

10. This is the first year we've ever hosted both Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner at our home. We also hosted a Christmas party for the international students. Great time was had by all :)!

Extra...Extra...Read all about it :)! Here is a list of Alyssa's writing (and other) accomplishments this year: 
  • Alyssa's poem “Jesus Is Risen” was accepted for publication by Homeschool Literary Quarterly.
  • Alyssa's radio script “One Race” was accepted by Creation Minute. 
  • Her article “To Speak or Not To Speak?” was accepted for publication by Encounter-The Magazine. 
  • Her article “7 Tips for Teaching Preschoolers the Bible” was also accepted for publication by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. 
  • Her article “Secret Family Vacation Spot,” won the Tell Mom-Fun or Not? Writing Contest and was published on Family Travel Files.
  • Alyssa's essay “Courageous Soldier–Faithful Father” won 3rd place in the American Veteran Essay Project.
  • Alyssa won first prize ($250) for our state in the "You Are Here" Teen Video Challenge 2011. Her video was chosen to represent the state of Oregon to promote summer reading at libraries. 
  • Alyssa's poem “God Uses Christian Teens” was accepted for publication by Encounter-The Magazine.
  • Alyssa's article “Making a Statement” was accepted for publication by Encounter-The Magazine. 
  • Alyssa's poem “Trusting Touch” won Aletheia Writing Magazine’s Fall 2011 Writer’s Challenge.
  • Alyssa's article “Polish Your Writing ‘Till It Shines” was accepted for publication by Fellowscript.
  • Alyssa won the Starsongs Character Description Contest. 
  • Alyssa was interviewed to be featured in OM’s newsletter.
Below is the slideshow that sums up our year in pictures :).
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

May you abide in Christ and be filled with joy and peace, hope and strength, faith and contentment as you walk humbly with Him in 2012! May your new year be blessed and be fruitful for His glory and His kingdom!

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