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Book Review: Fed Up with Flat Faith by Kathy Howard

About Kathy
Kathy Howard calls herself a “confused southerner.” Raised in Louisiana, she has moved with her engineer husband around the U.S. and Canada. She says “pop” instead of “Coke” and “you guys” as often as “ya’ll.” But those things are just superficial – she’s still a southern girl at heart!

Kathy longs to see women stand firm in their faith in God no matter the circumstances of their lives. She encourages them to cling to God through troubles and trials to find strength, protection, comfort, and guidance. Kathy will help women:
  • Develop the courage to follow God even when it means taking a risk
  • Connect the wisdom and guidance of God’s Word to the decisions you face each day
  • Find relevance for life in your relationship with God
  • Stand firm in God’s strength, guidance, and peace when life’s circumstances are shaky
  • Gain satisfaction and joy through a deeper, more intimate relationship with God
The author of five books, Kathy has a Masters in Christian Education and a certificate in Women’s Ministry from the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary. She has been teaching the Bible for over 25 years and speaks regularly at women’s retreats and events.

Kathy and her husband live in the Houston area and have three children, a son-in-law, and one precious grandson. When the family gets together there are also five dogs in the mix. Kathy writes to have something to do while she drinks coffee and eats chocolate.
Her Statement Of Faith


How would you describe your faith? Fiery or flat? Vibrant or withered? Passionate or parched & passive? Growing or stunted? Do you feel like reading the Bible is a drudgery or praying makes you snooze? Would you like to feel alive and active spiritually and live your faith out loud and enthusiastically? Fed Up with Flat Faith encourages and equips you to move towards that goal. The author, Kathy Howard, presents five attitudes and five actions that aim to help readers adjust and align themselves to be ready for God's work in their lives. She shares from her own experience and shares what Biblical principles have helped her overcome her flat faith condition. She also uses some Bible characters as examples such as Mary and Martha, Abraham and Sarah, Eli and Samuel, Noah, Rahab, Paul, David, Joshua, and more.

I'm really glad that the author is realistic (mentioning that this won't be an easy, instant fix and that following all the steps doesn't guarantee you will be having "mountaintop" experiences at all times and never have spiritual lows again) and that her teachings are Scripturally sound & Christ-centered. She emphasizes a life of total surrender to God and of obedience while warning against the false belief of the Prosperity Gospel and/or thinking that obedience results in a problem-free life. I also like the fact that she is missions-minded and loves the Body of Christ. I enjoyed reading this faith-fueling book and I highly recommend it. At the end of the book, you will find questions for reflection and discussion for each chapter. Great for a small group study! The author also includes Appendix 1: How to Have a Relationship with Jesus and Appendix 2: Recommended Study Helps (lists of Bible Dictionaries, Bible Handbooks, Bible Commentaries, and more). If you are fed up with your flat faith, then it's time to fire up your faith and let it burn brightly for Jesus! Check out this book and get ready to be pumped up and go forth living for God and serving Him with gusto!

"The relationship with Jesus is primary; good works and church activity flow out of this relationship as I obey Him." (p. 21)

"There's a sweet spot of faith where we walk closely with Jesus and our lives produce the fruit of good works He desires." (p. 50)

"Our salvation does not depend on adhering to God's commands, but the quality of our relationship with Him certainly does." (p.135)

"A godly life without a verbal witness does not introduce people to Jesus.
A verbal witness without a godly life is hypocritical and meaningless.
But a verbal testimony to Christ proven with a godly life is a powerful witness. We need both to truly make an impact.
" (p. 158)

"Living a life fully submitted to Christ is not easy, but it's worth it. Only in obedient submission can we fully experience the rich, intimate, and passionate relationship with Christ that's possible...Safe faith is flat and dry. Risky faith--faith that yields all to God--is ready to burn." (p. 175)

~ I received a free copy of this book via The Book Club Network Inc. in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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