Sunday, October 27, 2013

Raise A Giant: Don't Be Bullied and Don't Be Bullies!

Bullying seems to be an increasing problem in our society. I'm very thankful that my kids have not experienced it because we homeschool. However, because of technology and social media avenues, cyberbullying is a new widespread problem that can affect even homeschoolers. I know from the news and from my own experience that bullying can destroy self-esteem and lives. I'm glad to participate in the Green Giant "Raise a Giant" campaign and encourage parents to talk with their kids about bully-prevention.  
At Green Giant® we know it takes a lot more to raise a healthy child then just getting them to eat their vegetables. Kids these days live in a world that is bigger and scarier than the world we grew up in, and they need help and encouragement to navigate that world with confidence and pride.
Unfortunately one of the hardest things kids have to deal with is bullying. When a child is bullied by a peer it can turn his or her life into a daily gauntlet of fear and anxiety. That’s why Green Giant® is partnering with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and We Day Minnesota to help parents Raise A Giant and put a stop to bullying in their community.
Help a child in your life have the courage to stand up to bullying. Visit to write an open letter encouraging them and and then share it with others to inspire them to do the same.
What Does it Mean To Be A Giant?
Being a giant isn’t about being the biggest or the best. Being a giant means standing up for others. It means lending a hand to those who are in trouble and speaking up for those who sometimes find it hard to speak up for themselves.
Studies show that an effective way to stop bullying is for kids to simply speak up and say, “That’s not okay” when they see bullying happening.
But asking kids to have the courage to stand up to bullying is a tall order and that’s why they need our help.
How Do You Raise A Giant?
We’re asking parents to write a letter to their kids telling them how special they are and encouraging them to be part of the bullying prevention solution by being a giant.
To get started, parents can visit our community at and read the letters others have written.
Help Us Spread The Word:
1. Write a letter to your kids about standing up to bullying and post it on your blog and at See the included tip sheet for help getting started.
2. Encourage your community to write their own letters and post them at
3. Share the Raise a Giant Video, Infographic, and Tips For Talking To Your Kids About Bullying on your blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
4. Change your Facebook profile picture to the Raise A Giant icon to show your support.
With your encouragement we can help all of our kids create a safer, happier world.
Here's my letter:
To My Children,

You are special because God made you special. You're fearfully and wonderfully made. Don't let anyone put you down or make you feel small ever. You know who you are in Christ; no one can take your identity, worth, and value away from you. I'm so proud of you...who God made you to be. What others say or do to you don't matter. It won't change who you are. You are children of God, loved, treasured, saved, and died for by the Creator of the universe.

People are created by God in His image. Love, value and respect everyone. Don't be bullied and don't be bullies. Always stand up for what's right no matter what. God is on your side. When you're on God's team, you're always a winner. With God's help, you can stand up tall and strong. You're more than conquerors through Christ Who loves you. God will give you courage, confidence, wisdom, strength, stamina, patience, and grace to face any adversities. Do to others as you would want them do to you.

Bullies often feel bad about themselves so they try to make others feel worse. And they feed on your fear. The more you are afraid of them, the more fun they have bullying you. If you stand up to them, they will learn to respect you. Love your enemies and be kind to them. Your kindness may shock them and turn them around. Bullies act tough and mean on the outside but inside they are weak, insecure, and desperate for unconditional love and acceptance. If you ever see someone else being bullied, I hope you will step in, speak up, and stop the bullying. Bullying is never okay. It's wrong to hurt others period. May you always depend on God and choose to do what is right in His eyes, come what may!

Loving you and praying for you daily,

~Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by Green Giant® through MyBlogSpark.

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