Friday, March 21, 2014

Book Review: Your Guide to Living Life Out Loud by Dave Bell

Life is short; how do you intend to live your life? Dave Bell intends to live his life out loud, invites readers to do the same, and is eager to show them how. This book is about his life, his sufferings, his faith, his family, his healing and miracles. At 16, Dave was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive cancer. His life was turned upside down. But by God's grace and power, and the loving support from his family, friends, and church community, Dave Bell has survived and thrived to encourage and inspire others. He's here to testify that God is bigger than any giants we may face.

Each chapter (except Chapter 1) ends with Life Out Loud Guide which includes Think Out Loud (thought-provoking questions), Read Out Loud (encouraging Scriptures), Pray Out Loud (prayer), and Live Out Loud (action steps). Each chapter is short and concise. Chapter 14 was written by Dave's Dad (Stuart Bell). There are black and white photos here and there throughout the book. The author shares the valuable lessons he had learned from his journey through the valley. His experience leads him to write several heartfelt songs. This book is a beautiful testimony of God's goodness and faithfulness. It's an easy read. Dave's writing style is conversational and he writes with honesty and humor. Dave's passion for life is contagious. Reading this book will get you excited about living (including welcoming Mondays :)). Life is indeed a gift from God. Let's make every day count for the glory of God! Let's live our lives out loud with no regrets and no if only's!

~ I received a free copy of this book via The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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