Sunday, August 31, 2014

Book Review: Grace Finds Wings by Jill Miller

My Review:
Jill Miller is a Christian musician/singer/songwriter. This book explains where each of her songs on her latest CD, Grace Finds Wings, came from, what they mean to her, when they were written, how long it took her to write them, and other interesting facts behind each song. You can listen to her songs online at . I really enjoy her music and I am encouraged by her beautiful, faith-filled lyrics. Knowing the background stories behind these songs makes listening to them much more meaningful. With transparency, Jill shares about her personal life's journey which includes her divorce, infertility, grief, adoption, motherhood, marriages, her dad's dementia, financial worries, career change, people-pleasing problem, doubts, and other struggles. I can relate with her regarding having a special needs child. It definitely brings many challenges. But what she went through was immense. I can also relate with her as we both have the "Pollyanna" personality :). Throughout the book, you will see her love for the Lord, her reliance on His grace, and her special fondness for butterflies. She experiences healing and embraces hope along the way. God brings beauty out of ashes and turns trials to triumphs! Check this book out and see for yourself that God's grace indeed frees and transforms broken and contrite hearts. It's an enjoyable and inspiring read! Be prepared to feel refreshed by God's unconditional love and irresistible grace :)!

"'Pursuing God-ordained passions, no matter how crazy they seem is the most responsible thing to do.' So I guess I'm exercising responsible irresponsibility!" (p. 81)

"And if we're going to obsess about something, what better thing to obsess about than God! He continually draws us in and is present in our lives." (p. 91)

"Believe it, conceive it, take steps to achieve it, then leave the rest to God and prepare to receive it." (p. 168)

~ I received a free copy of this book via The Book Club Network ( in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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