Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DVD Review: Jesus Boat: Witness to Prophecy

Jesus Boat is a documentary that tells about the destruction and the rebirth of Israel through the unlikely discovery of an ancient first century boat under the muddy shores of the Sea of Galilee. This boat is identical to the fishing boat that Jesus used when He walked on the earth. It was destroyed in the same years that Romans destroyed Israel but was miraculously discovered by two fishermen brothers 2,000 years later in 1986 (during the fourth year of drought). It's the oldest surviving freshwater boat in the world! Astonishingly, the boat survived decomposition, the excavation, and the preservation efforts even though many challenges arose along the way. Even scientists are stunned. It is now resting at the Yigal Allon Museum located nearby which was built just the year before the boat was discovered. They also discovered that the boat was made out of 12 types of wood which is extraordinary. Isn't that cool? 12 is a significant number in the Bible that symbolizes completeness, God's power and authority. 12 tribes of Israel. 12 disciples. This DVD features commentary from Franklin Graham, Jay Sekulow, Chuck Smith, Skip Hietzig, Joel Rosenberg, Ken Ortize, and more. There are also interviews with the two fishermen discoverers and archaeologists. Throughout the DVD, you'll also see prophetic verses from the Bible which have already been fulfilled. Beautiful cinematography and intriguing message! If you enjoy history, archaeology, and Biblical prophecy, you'll enjoy this DVD and be glad to learn about this amazing artifact, "Jesus Boat." 

~I received a free copy of this DVD via Edify Media, Inc. in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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