Thursday, December 4, 2014

Film Review: The Gospel of John

The Lumo Project is a ground breaking, multi-language Biblical film resource transforming the way we discover, study and engage with the life of Jesus through the four New Testament Gospels: redefining the standard of visual Biblical media. The Lumo Project presents four films – one for each Gospel account – that will revolutionize the way we all experience the story of Jesus and the world of First Century Palestine in which he lived.
My Review:
Thanks to FlyBy Promotions Blogger Network, I was given an opportunity to watch the Gospel of John (NIV) online in exchange for my honest review. I've always loved the Book of John. The message is so powerful! This full-length feature film covers the birth, life, miracles, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is narrated by David Harewood (British actor). He did a fantastic job! The narration is from the Gospel of John text word for word (21 chapters altogether). Beautiful cinematography! Breathtaking scenery! Epic background music. Excellent performance (the actors and actresses were so natural that you wouldn't think they were acting). I enjoyed watching this film (2 hrs. 40 mins. 38 secs. long). It made me feel like I was there :). The only things I didn't like about the film are: The wise men should have not been present at the same time with the shepherds when Jesus was just born and "Jesus" in the film was portrayed as being angry/upset often. I understand about His righteous anger but I'm talking about the actor's expressions as being out of control which I believe not to be in Christ's character. I still do recommend the film because God's Word will not return void. Check it out on Netflix!

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