Thursday, July 23, 2015

Review: Memory Cross

Memory Cross features unique origami cards that keep opening up from the center. I received several samples to review. I love them all! They are so fun and so useful. They are sturdy and visually appealing. I've given away one of the Gospel tracts to a Chinese scholar and her nine year old daughter. The girl was fascinated by it. I've also given away 2 coloring cards to two girls who were excited to receive them. There are many varieties of cards such as Gospel tracts, Scripture Memory cards, Bible Story cards, Thank You cards, ABC Coloring Flash Cards, etc. Memory Cross gospel tracts are awesome tools for evangelism; they are easy to use and they grab attention. Memory Cross Bible Story cards and Bible Memory cards help children learn and memorize Bible stories and verses in a fun, enjoyable, unforgettable way. They are great teaching tools for Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, homeschool, and any time you want to have meaningful art & craft activities for your kids. Memory Cross also makes custom design cards and wedding coasters. Check them out!

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