Sunday, February 4, 2018

Book Review: Marriage God's Way by Scott LaPierre

Since God is the One who designed marriage, it makes perfect sense that His Word (the Bible) is the best manual for marriage. In Marriage God's Way, the author offers a thorough study of what God's Word says about marriage and roles of husbands and wives. The author, Scott LaPierre, is passionate about helping married couples experience joy in their marriage by obeying God's instructions. The book covers important topics such as headship and submission, love (agape) and respect, beauty, intimacy, and more. I appreciate all the Scripture references and the explanation of original Greek words. I find it helpful that the author discusses what respect looks like to a husband, what disrespect looks like to a husband, how we submit is as important as submitting, what submission does not mean, how a wife can make her husband's spiritual leadership easier, what you are to do if you are married to an unbeliever, how husbands and wives should respond when a husband makes the wrong decision, how a husband should treat his wife, etc. He wants the readers to understand that husbands and wives are equal image bearers of God yet have different roles and responsibilities.

The author shares Godly insights and practical advice from his own experiences as a husband and pastor. If you desire to have a healthy, happy, God-honoring marriage, check this book out. I love the fact that the author presents a marriage recipe straight from the Bible without sugar-coating. 
When your marriage is built upon a strong foundation of Christ, you and your spouse will reap marital blessings. My husband and I have been blissfully married for over 26 years and we can attest to the blessings and benefits of applying God's truth and principles in our lives and marriage. Marriage God's Way is a valuable resource for engaged couples, married couples (young and old), pastors, and Christian counselors. It's Biblically sound and Christ-centered. I highly recommend it! Valentine's Day is just around the corner; this book would make a great gift for your spouse or for any couples you know who might benefit from it.

"Since the Lord gives us these commands (Ephesians 5:22, 25), our obedience to them reflects our relationship with Christ. This is why there's no such thing as a spiritually mature man who does not love his wife nor a spiritually mature woman who does not submit to her husband. A husband cannot love Christ without loving his wife. A wife cannot submit to Christ without submitting to her husband." (p. 4)

"The most important 'leaving and cleaving' we do in marriage is leaving the world and cleaving to Christ. When we Christians place our own Bridegroom and Head first in our lives, we are actually strengthening our marriages because only in loving Christ and committing ourselves to Him can we become the husbands and wives God's Word commands us to be." (p. 90)

"A good perspective for couples to keep in mind is that feeling unloved is as painful to a wife as feeling disrespected is to a husband." (p. 96)

"Only when two people are equally committed to obeying God's commands unconditionally will a marriage experience the health and joy God desires for it." (p. 104)

"Her responsibility ends at submitting, not at making sure the right decision is made." (p. 117)

"A wife wants a husband who is guided by the Lord. When a wife feels her husband is committed to the Lord, regularly spending time in prayer and in God's Word, she will have a much easier time placing her life and the lives of her children in his hands." (p. 118)

"The gracious submission of a Christian wife to her unsaved husband is the strongest evangelistic tool she has." (p. 149)

"One might think that the 'best' marriages exist between two people almost identical in every way, but even the most compatible people will have a miserable marriage if they are selfish. The healthiest, most joyful relationships consist of people who are the most giving, selfless, and sacrificial." (p. 190)

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