Monday, September 4, 2006

"5 Things" Tag

Connie at wardssward tagged me with "5 things" tag.  Ready or not…here they are:

5 Things in our freezer:
- a loaf of spelt bread
- multi-grain English muffins
- chicken cornbread stuffing
- cookies & cream ice cream
- chocolate chip ice cream

5 Things in my/my husband’s closet (we share a walk-in closet):
- camera bag
- an old (antique?) Beavers (Oregon State University) hat
- a special container in which I keep all the love notes/cards/poems, small gifts, etc. that my husband has been giving me
- plastic containers filled with sweaters
- clothes and more clothes :)

5 Things in our van:
- Bibles (extra ones are available for giving away)
- Gospel tracts
- Christian music CDs
- books
- toys

5 Things in my purse:
- Gospel tracts (in English, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, & Korean)  We never know whom God will put in our path; we want to be ready :) .
- tissue
- first aid kit
- coins
- a pen

5 Things in my wallet:
- library cards
- health insurance cards
- U.S. flag pin
- my youngest son’s immunization record
- pictures of my kids

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