Saturday, September 9, 2006

Family Fun Friday

Today my darling took a day off work to be with us.  We took the kids to Oaks Park (the amusement park in Portland) because it’s "Homeschool Day" there from noon to 4 p.m. (homeschoolers could buy an unlimited ride bracelet for $8, instead of $13.75).  We had a blast!  There were lots of homeschoolers there but it was not crowded.  We didn’t have to wait long for each ride.  The weather was gorgeous, too. 

We went on Kiddie-Coaster, Hot-Air Balloon ride, Lewis and Clark journey (2 times), Ferris Wheel, Train ride, Tea-Cup, Huge Pink Slide (2 times), and Carousel.  My youngest son also enjoyed riding a Jet Plane, a Motorcycle, and a Car (little kids’ rides).  My hubby and daughter were more daring (than me!) and went on "Screamin’ Eagle" where all the loudest screams were generated and could be heard throughtout the park.  My inner organs and my mind screamed, too, "No wayyyyy…I would ever get on that ride!" :)   Just watching them made me scream enough (probably louder than them).  After that ride, my hubby admitted that his stomach was not as young/strong as it used to be :) .  My hubby and daughter also tried an intense roller coaster later on.  They survived.. barely :)
We then went to have dim-sum at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants.  After that, we went to Baskin Robbins for yummy ice cream treats.  On the way home, we picked up pizza for our (late) dinner.  We had a wonderful family time together.  Now I will spend my weekend getting ready to start school on Monday.  I’m so excited…I just can’t hide it :)

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