Sunday, May 3, 2009

Treasure Life Giveaway

As Mother’s Day is approaching, you are probably looking forward to showing appreciation to your mom once again and trying to make her day special.  Have you ever thought what would happen if your mom chose abortion when she was pregnant with you?  Well, the answer is simple; you would not be here today.  Abortions destroy approximately 4,000 defenseless human beings a day in the U.S. and 130,000 a day worldwide.  Those innocent lives have never got a chance to give their mom a hug, or a chance to live or do anything for that matter.  Life is precious; it’s a gift from God!!!  Celebrate life.  Treasure life.  Choose life.  Your mother did!

My 15 year old daughter is very passionate about saving the unborn (okay, our whole family, not just she :) ).  She has been participating in Steps for Life (fund-raising event for the Pregnancy Resource Centers) since she was 5.  Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC) help 8,000 women (and pre-born babies) annually through 5 Centers, providing free pregnancy tests, counseling, free Ultrasound (given by RNs), practical help, referrals and real hope (Gospel message) to those facing unplanned pregnancies. 

We are offering a giveaway while giving you an opportunity to help this great cause.  All (except us parents and relatives) who donate to PRC through Alyssa Liljequist will get their names entered in a drawing to win a brand-new Steps for Life 2008 sweatshirt.  The color is yellowish orange and the size is medium.  On the back of the sweatshirt is Matthew 6:21, "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."  Please click here to visit her webpage and make an online donation.  If you would like to give but do not want to do it online, please contact me by leaving a comment here or sending me a private message.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.  The deadline is May 12th.  My daughter will draw a winner sometime that week. 
Please give those unborn babies a chance by helping their mothers make the right choice!!!  Then they will be able to celebrate Mother’s Day like you and me in the years to come.  Would you like to donate in honor of your mom (you can enter your mom’s name, instead of yours)?  You can let your mom know that you are thanking her for choosing life by heping others to choose life as well.
UPDATE: The winner (randomly chosen by Alyssa) is Gail Harris.  Congratulations!  Big thanks to all who have helped PRC help save the unborn!

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