Sunday, June 30, 2013

Book Review: Experiencing God at Home by Tom & Richard Blackaby

About the authors:

Tom Blackaby is director of International Ministries for Blackaby Ministries International and the former senior pastor of North Sea Baptist Church in Stavanger, Norway. He co-authored The Man God Uses with his father, Henry Blackaby (Experiencing God). Tom and his wife have three children.

Richard Blackaby
is president of Blackaby Ministries International. A noted writer and speaker, he co-authored the revision of Experiencing God with his father Henry Blackaby. Richard and his wife have three children.

Experiencing God at Home
is written by Tom and Richard Blackaby, sons of Henry Blackaby (the author of Experiencing God). Based on the foundation of seven principles mentioned in their father's book, they wrote this book to help guide parents to discover ways they can experience God in their families
and raise their children up in God-centered, God-honoring, God-serving homes. Parenting (especially when we hope the end result will be children who are devoted to God...who faithfully live for God and have Christlike character) is the most challenging yet most rewarding job on earth! I enjoyed reading this book and gained valuable insights & practical advice. The book made me pause from time to time to pray for my children and pray for God's help & wisdom in my and my husband's parenting task. The authors share many examples from their own personal experiences/ families which help me feel somewhat better to know that they don't have perfect children :). Each chapter ends with Conclusion (takeaway points) and Questions for Reflection/Discussion (which make this book great for both personal use and small group study). I highly recommend this excellent resource to all parents who want to help their children grow closer to Christ and faithfully abide in Christ.

"There was never any question that our parents truly loved God with all of their heart and would do whatever He told them. That left a lasting impression on us all...We children sensed there was something special about our family. It wasn't that our father was a famous author, because that wouldn't come for many more years. It was that God was real in our home." (p. 29)

"Only when we love God and others are we living as God intended...Don't rest until you are experiencing the infinite joy that comes from loving God with all of your heart." (p. 51)

"The key is getting your kids to see the world around them and to discover how God wants to use their lives to change the world." (p. 120)

"The key for parents is to both watch for God's activity and also to develop a close relationship with their child so they don't miss what God does. When parents talk regularly and meaningfully with their child, they get a front row seat to observe God at work!" (p.123)

"Prayer is not focused on convincing God to grant our requests. Rather, it is having God lay His heart over ours so we grasp His perspective on our situation and the amazing work He intends to do. When we align our will with God's will, great things happen!" (p. 135)

~I received a free copy of this book from Shelton Interactive in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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