Friday, November 8, 2013

Book Review: Just One More Thing Before You Leave Home by David Gudgel

Meet the authors: Dave & Bernice Gudgel are committed to walking intentionally with God and helping others do the same. Bernice has a degree in Psychology and has focused her adult life on raising three kids and leading various ministries in the church where people can connect with God and each other. Dave is a pastor and teaches for Walk Thru the Bible.

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I wish I received this book sooner because I would have gone through it with my daughter before she left for college in September :). I definitely want to go through this book with my sons in a few years before they leave home. This book is a valuable guide to help young adults make wise decisions and be better prepared to live a productive life on their own with confidence and with integrity. It's an easy-to-read book. I enjoyed the conversational style; it seemed like I was just "listening" to some loving advice/insightful counsel from people who really care (I think it's because what they wrote was what they shared with their own children). Great stuff for discussions with your teenagers!

The authors cover 30 important topics and group them into 10 parts. The topics range from roommates, money management, priorities, car maintenance to drinking, gambling, pornography, and safety. At the end of each chapter, readers will find a takeaway point, relevant Bible verses, and thought-provoking questions. I really appreciate the Biblical worldview and practical application offered in this book. I also love the fact that the authors encourage readers to live for God, not self, and to be other-centered, not self-centered. I highly recommend this excellent book to all parents whose kids will be leaving home soon and to young adults who just start out on their own.

~I received a free copy of this book via Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. To find more reviews of this book, visit here.

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