Sunday, November 3, 2013

Review: NIV Homeschool Mom's Bible

I have homeschooled my kids for over 15 years. And I have used NIV Bibles for much longer than that. I was thrilled to receive this beautiful NIV (New International Version) Homeschool Mom's Bible to review. Are you a homeschool mom who feels exhausted or unmotivated or inadequate or ready to give up? Have you neglected spending time in God's Word? We, homeschool moms, get discouraged, stressed, or anxious from time to time. We desperately need consistent spiritual food for strength, stamina, encouragement, wisdom, and guidance. Let's take care of our soul first so that we'll be able to properly care for our children's spiritual well-being.

This Bible is designed specifically for you. It contains 365 daily devotions written by Janet Tatman, a veteran homeschooling mom with 25 years under her belt. She's one of those who has been there done that. Her messages will encourage & inspire you and will help you feel more confident & committed in your calling.
Each devotion starts with a Scripture passage and ends with a prayer. Each devotion is only one page long. These devotions are insightful and Biblically sound. I enjoyed reading them and could relate to what Janet talks about. You will be nodding your head or smiling while you read them because you likely share the same or similar experiences. I really appreciate the topical index in the back of the Bible. Conveniently, readers can find a topic that they are interested in or curious about or that is relevant to their current situation. There are various topics such as reason for homeschooling, weariness, priorities, perseverance, motivation, training children in faith, feeling overwhelmed, learning styles, reward for homeschooling, and more.

~I received a free copy of this Bible via Booksneeze in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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