Monday, December 9, 2013

Book Review: How Did They Do That? by Deborah Tompkins Johnson

About the Author

Deborah works full-time as a regional government affairs manager for a major U.S. energy company. Prior to joining the utility industry, Deborah worked as a radio news director, television reporter, anchor and talk show host.

For five years she wrote inspirational and book commentary columns for newspapers in northern Virginia.

Deborah serves on boards of directors for community, education and leadership organizations.

My Review:
Have you ever wondered how successful people do what they do to get to the point where they are :)? The author interviewed 12 successful people in various fields and from different backgrounds such as a songwriter, actor, teacher, minister, dancer, soldier, governor, and entrepreneurs. They share their career highlights, triumphs, and challenges. I'm glad that they boldly share how their faith in God/their relationship with God/their reliance on God has helped and influenced them. You will find valuable insights and practical advice throughout the whole book. Certain decisions and choices lead to certain consequences. You will see again and again how crucial it is to seek God and to make wise decisions.

Each profile is very interesting. I've always enjoyed reading biographies and autobiographies so this is like reading mini-biographies :). One of my favorites from the book is the centenarian teacher, Ruth Haymon! Wish all teachers were like her! Topics covered in the book include work ethic, leadership, accountability, persistence/perseverance, integrity, the importance of education, among many others. I really like the WOW (Words of Wisdom) and What Can YOU Do Now? sections at the end of each profile. There's also blank space at the bottom of those pages for readers to write down their notes, thoughts, steps to take, or how they can apply what they learn in their own lives. Don't ever give up your dreams/passion that God put in your hearts! Keep pursuing God's will and God's purpose for your lives! Check out this encouraging read filled with nuggets of wisdom! It would make a great Christmas gift for high school and/or college students, especially those who have aspirations for the same occupations mentioned in the book.

~ I received a free copy of this book via The Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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