Thursday, June 2, 2016

CD Review: Children of God by Phil Wickham

I love Phil Wickham's music so I was really excited for this opportunity to review his new album, "Children of God". I'm thankful that he's been completely healed from his surgery that removed a vocal polyp in 2014 and able to sing again. His renewed passion and deep gratitude for God are evident in this album.

Below are the 12 songs in the album:
1. Doxology/Amen
2. Better Than Life
3. Your Love Awakens Me
4. The Secret Place (feat. Madison Cunningham)
5. Wide Awake
6. My All In All
7. Starmaker (Above The Earth)

8. Children of God
9. Stand in Awe

10. Body Mind & Soul11. As It Is In Heaven
12. Spirit Of God

I enjoyed all the songs and started to sing along. My favorites are The Secret Place (this song is about spending time alone with God) and Spirit of God (it's a beautiful song of prayer). I also really like My All in All (Jesus is my All in All), Children of God (identity song...who we are in Christ), Stand in Awe (song about how great God is), Body Mind & Soul (song about us belonging to God), and As It Is In Heaven (song of surrender). Some of the songs are upbeat and epic while others are more reflective with slower tempo. The songs are written and sung from Phil's heart, expressing faith, freedom, hope, peace, zeal, adoration towards our amazing God and awe for His relentless love for us. I hope you'll check out this praise-filled album!

~I received a copy of this CD via Propeller Consulting, LLC in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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