Monday, October 3, 2016

Book Review: Experiencing God Through His Names

In the Bible, names are very important. They often reflect the characteristic attributes about the persons. If you want to know God more/better, take time to study His names. God reveals His character/attributes by referring to Himself by various Names. He wants us to know and understand Who He is, what He does, and how we should relate to Him. I love studying the names of God and I collect devotionals so I was glad to have an opportunity to review this book. Experiencing God Through His Names is a 31-day devotional that helps readers understand and appreciate 31 different names of God. It's an easy read; each day's devotion is only 2-3 pages long. The author shares from her own experiences how each name of God has meant to her personally. Each devotion concludes with a prayer.

Who is God to you? Elohim (The Creator). El Shaddai (The All-Sufficient One). Adonai (Lord and Master). Abba (Father). You may be familiar with these. But God is so much more! He is also Jehovah M'Kaddesh (The Lord Who Sanctifies), El Kanna (the Jealous God), El Roi (the God Who Sees), Jehovah Rapha (the Lord Who Heals), Jehovah Tsidkenu (the Lord Our Righteousness), Zur (God our Rock), and more. When you reflect upon these truths about God, your relationship with Him will be deepened and your faith will be strengthened. Your hearts and mind will be uplifted. You will be reminded of God's love, power, and faithfulness. I enjoyed all the Biblical truths, practical insights, and personal stories shared in this book. I highly recommend it! Prepare to discover God's character in fresh ways, grow closer to Him, and experience Him more intimately! 

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Sheryl Giesbrecht has written three books, hundreds of articles, blogs, and columns. A nationally syndicated radio host, Sheryl is a sought after inspirational speaker who facilitates leadership training for thousands internationally.

~I received a free copy of this book from Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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