Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Review: Quest: Parenting in a Sexualized Culture

No one denies that our culture increasingly brings about sexual distractions, temptations, and pressures upon our families, especially children and teens. We parents must be wise, vigilant, and intentional in our parenting. Quest: Parenting in a Sexualized Culture is designed to help equip and encourage parents in informing and training their children about sex, purity, and technology. Quest is a 4 module small group video teaching series about parenting in a sexualized digital age. It includes a study book, a leader's guide, and a DVD. The DVD has four sessions: The Foundation (A teaching and discussion on what the Bible informs us about God's design and purpose for sexuality), The Conversation (Strategies to help parents create a lifelong, healthy dialogue with their kids about sex), The Technology (A discussion about strategies to create safer and more accountable tech use in your home to help your family thrive), and The Legacy (A teaching about the importance of modeling sexual purity and taking the long view with respect to raising your kids in a biblical, grace-based manner in the midst of a sexualized culture). There are two speakers on the DVD: Noel Bouche and Dan Martin. Both are great at explaining and teaching with compassion and grace. They share Biblical principles, practical advice, and personal experiences. From Quest, you will learn about God's story of sex, stewardship, the 4 P's (pleasure, procreation, protection, and proclamation), purity, how to combat the lies of the sexualized culture, 5 elements of a successful tech strategy for your family, missional parenting, and more. The study book also has Appendix A: Age Appropriate Equipping Teaching Points, Appendix B: Safe-use Agreement, and Appendix C: Answers to a Few Frequently Asked Questions.

I love how they define purity: "Purity is not an accomplishment. It is a relationship with the One who is pure." Essentially, to pursue purity, one must pursue Christ. "The pursuit of purity is about equipping our kids for a life-long relationship with the One who makes them pure." Another excellent quote is "Sex is a covenantal identity out of which flows love, joy, and faithfulness." Quest offers us parents hope and practical ways to guide our children regarding sex and purity from Biblical perspective with clarity, creativity, and consistency. Quest reminds parents to be the source of loving and truthful information that children feel safe to come to. And Quest leads parents to embrace discipleship and parent their children's heart by protecting, equipping, and modeling. This is a valuable, helpful resource for a group study for parents. I highly recommend it! It's indeed very important to help our children thrive (not just survive) in a sexually exploitative world.

"We should note that pureHOPE's ministry is built around the core belief that a pure life is rooted in faith in Christ and sustained by prayer, understanding, resolve, and engagement." (p. 5)

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You can watch the study trailer: Quest | Parenting in a Sexualized Culture from pureHOPE on Vimeo.

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