Sunday, August 6, 2006

Congratulations, Mr. Joker!

Mr. Joker (one of my husband’s nicknames given by me) is the winner of the July Create-A-Word Contest at CommunicationFUNdamentals! We were to create a word that describes the act of using humor to teach something.  My husband’s winning word is "scholaughticism."  I think his other word, "edjokation" is brilliant, too.  My honey is very clever and funny; hence "Mr. Joker".  My word is "schumoring " Even though it didn’t win, it does have a nice ring to it…don’t you think?

He won a laminated and bound personalized eStorybook titled, "Conversation Correction Patrol: A Story About Listening and Being Humble."  This will be a fantastic, unique birthday gift for our 4 yo son (he’ll turn 5 in Oct.).  We’re so thrilled and happy about this.  Big thanks to JoJo of Art of Eloquence for this fun contest and the very cool prize!

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