Monday, October 15, 2007

Collection of Poetry written by Josiah

Below are some of the poems written by my 8 year old son (now 9):-

dark, powerful
destroying, traveling, twisting
so exciting to watch

Bear is a mammal
Bears can be very fearsome
Bears can be cuddly

Acrostic poem
Fall is a time when leaves fall off trees
All of the leaves turn to beautiful colors 
Lots of leaves flutter to the ground
Leaves are then ready for raking

Acrostic poem
Lovely beaches
International Worm Fiddling Contest
Down tip
Atlantic Ocean

I want to go hiking everyday
Because I enjoy God’s creation
I like the animals and plants
Hiking is lots of fun

Noun Verse
beautiful, forested
raining, snowing
    My state

big forests in green
meadows in bright profusion
high desert in bloom
rivers flowing clear and blue
ocean waves crash on the shore

The forest is nice in summer’s delight
The forest is great in winter’s splendor
The stars sparkle in the cold forest’s nights
The mountain’s east side is often drier
The forest has sprung up when spring begins
The forest in fall bursts with bright colors
Of every hue that you could imagine
These are all made by God our Creator
The ocean’s big waves that crash on the shore
Carve away the hard rocks and sand sculptures
The tiny microscopic mushroom’s spores
Are taken by the wind to wherever
How great and diverse is God’s creation
He made everything from bugs to the sun

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