Sunday, October 14, 2007

Game Night and Party Day

Last night, we hosted another game night for the international students.  We invited our homeschool friends to join us, too.  We were introduced to 2 new students from South Korea.  We had a delightful time playing foosball, Apples to Apples, Whoonu, and Charades.  We’re so glad that they felt at home here and that we helped ease their homesickness a bit.  One of the students told us more than once that spending time with our family made her so happy.  They all love our kids :) .  Speaking of our kids, after the church service tonight…as we were leaving, someone (we don’t know her) came to tell us that she’s so impressed with how well-behaved our kids were.  How true 1Timothy 4:12 is!!! 

Today we had a birthday party for our two birthday boys (see the Wordless Wednesday post on Oct. 10th).  The weather was beautiful so we played games outside.  We played Jelly Bean Hunt, Bean Counter Relay, Broken Down Car Race, and Rocket Launching.  Instead of a traditional birthday cake, our middle pumpkin (9 year old son) picked a pumpkin cheesecake, and our youngest pumpkin (6 year old son) picked a pumpkin pie.  My husband and I did the frosting writing ourselves.  They came out okay (barely) :).  We also had ice cream bars, ice cream sundae cones, ice cream sandwiches, varieties of crackers, jalapeno & garlic hummus dip, varieties of chips and grapes. 

Our birthday boys were showered with piles of presents.  Our 9 year old son received a box of Topps 2006-07 NBA trading cards, a Tim Duncan jersey card, 3 Zoo Life videos, an all star sports pillowcase,  Discovery Toys’ Bankit, a cowboy gun playset (plastic balls, ball shooter, and plastic barrels for targets), collectible coins, money, candies, marbles, an air pump powered missile, a DVD titled, "Discovering Nature’s Beauty", a wooden bubble blower made from red oak, bouncy balls, an Oregon State mini-football, and a beautiful book called, "Oregon: A Photographic Collection."  Our 6 year old son received a box of Topps 2006-07 NBA trading cards, a LeBron James jersey card, 3 Zoo Life videos, books and a read-along CD, candies, a wooden bubble blower, a cowboy gun playset, an Oregon State mini-football, Jenga, Brain Benders (3 solid wood puzzles), a box of illusion show kit, bouncy balls, money, and a DVD titled, "Strangers in the Woods."  I didn’t realize it would take 12 lines to list all their presents (yikes!) We all had a wonderful time visiting with relatives and friends.  The two birthday boys are so thrilled with and thankful for all the great gifts.  My husband and I are very thankful to the Lord for blessing us with these two terrific sons. 

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