Thursday, October 4, 2007

Guess What...

Yesterday, we stopped by the local Barnes & Noble store.  They were having a contest: guessing how many peppers were in the glass jar sitting on a table there.  The first prize was a sweatshirt and the second prize was a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card.  We enjoy playing this kind of game (estimating).  All five of us wrote our own guesses on the entry forms.  Later when we were home, we received a phone call notifying us that our youngest son (5.98 years old) won the first prize!  There were 95 peppers in the jar and his guess was 96.  A minute later the phone rang…and the same lady who just called, said that our daughter (14 years old) won the second prize!  Her guess was 91.  Wow…we were so astonished :) .  I think that lady was, too :) ; she couldn’t help laughing when she called the second time because it just dawned on her that she was calling the same number again!  We are so proud of our kiddos.  They are great guessers.   In January, my daughter also won a $10 gift card from guessing M&Ms at Grocery Outlet.

Another astonishment: my daughter has recently won two $100 Barnes & Noble gift cards from getting the highest scores on two science contests at PixLit.  Before that, she won a Playstation 2 from MathMovesU.  We all have been so blessed; we’re very thankful, indeed. 

Susan at SuzyScribbles is having a guessing contest.  The winner will get to choose one of her books.  The deadline is Oct. 15th.  Have fun guessing!

Update: My 14 year old daughter is one of the winners at Susan’s guessing contest.  Woo hoo!

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