Tuesday, December 18, 2007

CHRISTmas Memory

Janne at Janne’s Jabberwocky is having a contest which is part of  the HomeschoolEstore’s 12 Blogs of Christmas Promotion.  Since I already posted about one of my favorite CHRISTmas memories, I will just repost it here :) .

 When my daughter was 8 years old, she made this card at Christmastime.
Inside she wrote, "Thank You for giving us the Bible.  I am glad You came to die for my sins.  Thank You so much.  Thank You for always answering my prayers.  Thank You for giving me loving, caring Christian parents.  Thank You for all the wonderful things You’ve given me.  Thank You for all Your love for me."  On the back of the card, she drew (in pencil) a picture of Jesus on the cross.  I just love how she poured her heart into that special card for Jesus!  Very precious to me :) .

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