Monday, December 31, 2007

Top Ten Highlights from 2007

1. My husband got a new job with a new work schedule (getting every other Friday off).
2. We’ve been volunteering/serving with ISI (International Students, Inc.) and hosting game nights for the international students from a local university.
3. My brother finally received his green card and was able to come to America after waiting for over 10 years.
4. We had a fabulous 5 day vacation at Sunriver in Bend.
5. My husband and I celebrated our 16th anniversary and our "Half-a-Billion Second" Anniversary!
6. My daughter won a Playstation 2 from, 2 $100 Barnes & Noble gift cards from, and $10 gift certificate to the Old Schoolhouse Store & publication on their next year’s Father’s Day issue from a Tribute to My Dad writing contest.
7. My middle son won a Haiku contest.
8. My youngest son won 1st prize (a sweater valued at $39.98) at a local Barnes & Noble’s guessing contest and 1st prize ($25 Target gift card) on a coloring contest.
9. I was chosen as a feature blogger of the week here at HSB.
10. We started using cell phones and DSL.

We thank the Lord for another year full of blessings and grace.  We’re excitedly looking forward to a new year of living for God and serving Him.  Have a blessed and refreshing year because of Him!  One year closer to the Lord’s coming!

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