Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Surprises

We had a white Christmas!  The snow was a very nice surprise.  I don’t know if my kids were more excited about the snow or about the presents :) .

Another surprise is not so nice.  I got Strep throat (just found out today).  However, I am so thankful that I was well enough on Monday to have a wonderful Christmas Eve with my family and others at my mother-in-law’s house.  I kept feeling weaker and totally exhausted by the end of the day (started to have high fever).  The Lord gave me enough strength to enjoy Christmas with my family at home yesterday with lots of bedrest in between.  Today, my throat hurts so bad that I can hardly talk.  Swallowing causes me excruciating pain.  I got antibiotics now so I should be getting better soon.  I am so glad that CHRISTmas is all about CHRIST.  We can rejoice at our Savior’s birth and His redemption even when unpleasant surprises may come our way.  

Because of my extremely painful sorethroat, I have been mute most of the time today.  That’s a blessing in disguise :) .  I listen more and I take time to think more before I speak (actually write down on paper).  My kids quickly learn to read Mom’s mind and Mom’s sign language :) .  They sweetly take care of me and pray for me.  My daughter is such a big help.  She has taken care of me and her brothers all day long.  It was so precious to find her reading the Bible and a devotional book to her brothers on the couch.  My husband has also been pampering me and taking care of everything for me.  I am truly blessed!  

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