Thursday, June 30, 2011

21 Days of Prayer for Sons--Overcoming the Fear

I read pp. 46-47. This is extra beyond the 21 days of prayers for sons.

Study Questions

1. Have you ever experienced anything like what Brooke describes in this chapter? A sense of fear in your parenting that you can't quite explain? Describe your experience here.
Yes. Am I too harsh? Am I too strict? Am I too lenient? What if...?...I sometimes battle with these questions.

2. In this chapter, Brooke talks about trusting God to catch her as she dives off the edge of the cliff of her fears. Do you expect God to teach you all you need to know about parenting your son(s)?
I hope and pray that God will continue to teach me and my husband all we need to know about parenting our sons and daughter. We certainly cannot do it on our own.

3. Have you ever felt like you needed a “talkin' to – a truth tellin'?” Sometimes we need to be reminded of the truth about who we are. Can you relate?
Yes, reading/studying God's Word helps remind me of His truth/promises.

4. Do you ever feel bogged down by a fear that all of your prayers and hard work won't amount to anything in the life of your son(s)?
Perhaps it's not fear but rather discouragement when it seems like the struggles kept on going "forever". But God has shown me over and over again His faithfulness, grace, and mercy.

5. How has God snuck in His grace to you when you feel this way? Describe a time here when God reminded you of grace and gave you hope in His plans for your son(s).
His grace sustained me through the turmoil. He gave me glimpses of hope here and there. He allows me to see my sons' tender hearts that love Him and firm faith that trusts in Him.
            (This picture was taken in December, 2003.)

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