Sunday, June 26, 2011

21 Days of Prayer for Sons: When Hearts Soften

"What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?" (Matthew 16:26) Our sons' salvation should be our most important concern and most urgent prayer need. If they succeed in everything, receive praise and approval from all men, gain the riches of the world, yet they are not saved... that would be the greatest tragedy I could ever think of. My husband and I prayed for our children's salvation before they were born...even before they were conceived. In fact, I believe I prayed that God would not allow us to have a child if that child will not be saved by Him/will not choose Christ; I just could not (still cannot) bear knowing that any of my children's souls will end up in hell for eternity.

Study Questions
1. Can you recall a time when you sensed your son's heart was soft to the message of the Gospel? Describe what happened here.
They realized they needed a Savior. They repented and desired to obey God's Word.

2. Do your sons know the Lord? Where are they in their walk with Him? Where would you like them to be?
Yes! My 12 year old son knows more about God and His Word intellectually than my 9 year old son; however, my 9 year old son applies God's Word daily more than my 12 year old son. I would like both of them to take delight in God and His Word more. I'd like to see them more devoted to know Him more, and to make Him known. I'd like to see them desire to hide God's Word in their hearts and desire to please Him on their own without any prodding :).

3. Have you seen specific ways that God brought something beautiful from a situation you thought was lost with your son(s)? Recall it here.
After a difficult day I had with my challenging son (when he was 7), what he said to me when I tucked him in bed that night reminded me again of how gracious the Lord is to me!  I asked my son if he had any prayer requests.  He softly replied, "Yes, I want to be more like Jesus."  Isn’t that precious?  He has such a beautiful, tender heart!  I told him–That’s my heart’s desire, too (to be more like Jesus).

4. In what ways do you strive to make the message of the manger come alive in the hearts of your son(s)?
Hopefully and prayerfully, by God's grace, my husband and I have been walking the our faith loud and clear. Jesus is our Lord and Savior, our Life and Love, our Joy and Strength, our Hope and Healer, our Maker and Deliverer, our Prince of Peace and King of Kings, our Redeemer and Righteousness, our Advocate and Mediator, Our High Priest and Shepherd, our Teacher and Wonderful Counselor, our Light of the World and Bread of Life. Since birth, my sons have heard about Jesus, the Head of our family...the Person we cannot live without.

5. Have you made it a habit to pray for the salvation of your son(s)? How has this study changed the way you pray for them so far?
I have made it a habit to pray for my sons, but not much about their salvation since they already received the gift of salvation. This study has helped me to go through various aspects/ character traits to pray for my sons.

                    (This picture was taken in 2004.)

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  1. What a wonderful blog!!!

    My son knew he needed salvation at 5 (which he is right now) He knows what salvation is and what Christ did for us and about sinning and hell. He lays a hold of God in prayer and I'll listen and sometimes think WOW this child convicts me in prayer! He will say in the name of Jesus please help me to be a better person. I rebuke satan and his lies. Please help my daddy by your stripes let him be healed in the name of Jesus I plead the Blood of Jesus over my mind. Please forgive me for talking back...etc...etc....
    My daughter chocked Jan 1st. She and him were playing while I was watching them. She was laughing and he was carrying her and she would crawl back to the room with him. It went on a few times..... I believe it was his prayers that saved her. If you can read this please do..

    Anyways lately I don't know what's been going on. We can no longer take him in stores. He acts up so much now and I'm at my wits end somedays. He growls when I tell him to do something as well. He never was like that till these last few months. Nothing has changed and nobody neg has been around him. He is always in my sight as well. I'm asking you from the bottom of my heart to pray for my son. Please remember him if not in most of your prayers at least one. Thank you!